Engineering Consultancy

– Issuing licenses for all types of buildings and finalize the government procedures required for the projects.

– Designing and supervising all types of projects by highly experienced and qualified engineers using the latest technology for projects such as:

Factories, hotels, hospitals, urban centers, mosques, universities, administrative and residential buildings, infrastructure.

– Review the engineering plans and ensure their conformity to the requirements of the Saudi Building Code (SBC).

– Execute interior and decoration designs.

– Architectural Rendering using latest Softwares.

– Issuing structural and electrical safety reports for the existing buildings.

– Preparing designs and construction studies for the projects.

– Preparing economic feasibility and development recommendations.

– Urban planning and development.

– Surveying Services include:

  •  Cadastral surveying and signing.
  •  Creation of contour maps.
  •  Architectural survey.
  •  Preparing cadastral maps.
  •  Survey signing for roads and infrastructure lines.
  •  Calculation of excavations and backfilling.
  •  Lands division.
  •  Handing over the surveying works.
  •  Subdivision of real estate includes:
  •  Survey of buildings from the reality of nature and conformity to approved plans.
  •  Inspection of building safety and certificates of endurance.
  •  Preparing detailed plans for real estate according to the requirements of the Ministry of Housing.
  • Assess, examine and test existing buildings, to identify defects and structural problems, and provide solutions and recommendations.
  •  Estimating of quantities, pricing and preparing projects’ timetables.
  • Managing projects technically, administratively and financially using the latest methods and programs in the field.
  •  Providing technical support for projects throughout providing public and private sector with staff in all relevant specialties.