Safety Engineering Consultancy:

DesigningofEngineering Safety Drawings (fire prevention and fire protection) according to Saudi Building Code (SBC), Gulf Regulations(GCC) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes, which include the following:

  • Fire alarm systems.
  • Emergency exits, evacuation plans, and travel distances.
  • Clean agentsextinguishing systems such as FM-200, etc.
  • Supervising the implementation of fire systems according to theapproved designs.
  • close outand handover fire systems projects.
  • Issuing the certificates of the conformity of the building with the Saudi Building Code and the Civil Defense Regulations according to the plans approved by Civil Defense and the competent authorities.
  • Issuing civil defense licenses for the buildings.
  • Preparation of the feasibility study of engineering safety plans to lower costs as possible.
  • Conducting firefighting and fire alarm systems tests and handing over the results to Civil Defense Authority.


– Issuing licenses for all types of buildings and finalize the government procedures required for the projects.

– Designing and supervising all types of projects by highly experienced and qualified engineers using the latest technology for projects such as:

Factories, hotels, hospitals, urban centers, mosques, universities, administrative and residential buildings, infrastructure.

– Review the engineering plans and ensure their conformity to the requirements of the Saudi Building Code (SBC).

– Execute interior and decoration designs.

– Architectural Rendering using latest Softwares.

– Issuing structural and electrical safety reports for the existing buildings.

– Preparing designs and construction studies for the projects.

– Preparing economic feasibility and development recommendations.

– Urban planning and development.

– Surveying Services include:

  •  Cadastral surveying and signing.
  •  Creation of contour maps.
  •  Architectural survey.
  •  Preparing cadastral maps.
  •  Survey signing for roads and infrastructure lines.
  •  Calculation of excavations and backfilling.
  •  Lands division.
  •  Handing over the surveying works.
  •  Subdivision of real estate includes:
  •  Survey of buildings from the reality of nature and conformity to approved plans.
  •  Inspection of building safety and certificates of endurance.
  •  Preparing detailed plans for real estate according to the requirements of the Ministry of Housing.
  • Assess, examine and test existing buildings, to identify defects and structural problems, and provide solutions and recommendations.
  •  Estimating of quantities, pricing and preparing projects’ timetables.
  • Managing projects technically, administratively and financially using the latest methods and programs in the field.
  •  Providing technical support for projects throughout providing public and private sector with staff in all relevant specialties.